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Goo Be Gone!

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Travel insider info: get rid of the sticky mess traveling leaves on your luggage for good

When you're home and it's time to store your luggage away, make sure you keep them in perfect condition for the next trip


Philippine IndepenTENce Day

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More than a century ago, the Philippines claimed its freedom from the Spanish conquerors. Today we celebrate it through traveling around the country.

Need a to-do list for this long weekend? We have 10 adventures for you--from right here in Metro Manila to the mountains of Benguet.


Somewhere in Time

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Thinking of a staycation option this weekend? Feel transported at the Henry Hotel Manila

With its refurbished vintage interiors and sprawling grounds, the Henry Hotel Manila will remind you of a time when the livin' was easy

cuomo oven

Five Things you didn’t know about Salvatore Cuomo

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Joyous with a bold personality, despite his very public and famous persona, the celebrity chef Salvatore Cuomo is refreshingly honest about his personal life.

During a recent trip to Tokyo, Stephanie got to discover the food empire built by the celebrity chef and his amazing authentic neapolitan pizzas which will soon hit Manila before the end of the year.


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